Fantasy of Flight

Nestled in the heart of Auburndale, Florida, Fantasy of Flight stands as a captivating aviation-themed attraction that takes visitors on a mesmerizing journey through the history of flight. Founded by aviation enthusiast Kermit Weeks, this unique museum showcases a remarkable collection of vintage aircraft, engaging exhibits, and immersive experiences, making it a must-visit destination for aviation enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

Awe-Inspiring Aircraft Collection

At the core of Fantasy of Flight is its impressive collection of vintage and rare aircraft. From iconic World War II planes like the P-51 Mustang and B-17 Flying Fortress to unique designs and experimental aircraft, the museum boasts a diverse range of well-preserved airplanes that offer a glimpse into the evolution of aviation over the decades. For aviation history enthusiasts, witnessing these historical aircraft up close is an awe-inspiring experience.

Interactive Exhibits and Simulators

Fantasy of Flight goes beyond traditional aviation museums, offering interactive exhibits and flight simulators that allow visitors to experience the thrill of flight firsthand. Guests can step into flight simulators that recreate the sensation of piloting historic airplanes, providing an immersive and educational experience about the challenges faced by early aviators. These simulators offer visitors a taste of the exhilaration and courage required to take to the skies in the early days of aviation.

Living History Presentations

The museum’s living history presentations bring aviation history to life, with knowledgeable reenactors portraying aviators and mechanics from different eras. Through these engaging presentations, visitors can learn about the trials and triumphs of aviation pioneers, gaining insights into the courage and ingenuity that shaped the course of flight history.

Guided Tours and Behind-the-Scenes Access

Fantasy of Flight offers guided tours that provide in-depth information about the aircraft on display and the fascinating stories behind them. The passionate and knowledgeable guides share anecdotes and historical details, enriching the visitors’ experience and creating a deeper appreciation for the aviation heritage. Additionally, special behind-the-scenes tours offer enthusiasts a rare opportunity to explore areas not typically accessible to the public, providing an exclusive look into the museum’s aircraft restoration efforts.

Wings & Waves Water Park

Adding to the excitement, Fantasy of Flight features Wings & Waves Water Park, an oasis of fun and relaxation for visitors of all ages. The water park features thrilling slides, a lazy river, and a splash area, providing a perfect respite after a day of exploration and education at the museum.

Educational Programs and Events

Fantasy of Flight is committed to education and offers various programs for students and educators to engage with aviation history. From STEM-focused programs to immersive educational workshops, the museum aims to inspire the next generation of aviation enthusiasts and history lovers.


The Fantasy of Flight in Auburndale, Florida, is a captivating aviation experience that transports visitors back in time to the golden age of flight. With its remarkable collection of vintage aircraft, interactive exhibits, and living history presentations, the museum provides a thrilling and educational journey through the evolution of aviation. Whether one is a passionate aviation enthusiast or simply curious about the history of flight, Fantasy of Flight offers an unforgettable adventure that celebrates the courage, innovation, and wonder of human flight.


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