Arietta Shores

Nestled away in the picturesque town of Auburndale, Florida, lies the charming and serene neighborhood of Arietta Shores. With its breathtaking natural beauty, tranquil ambiance, and close-knit community, Arietta Shores offers a delightful haven for residents and visitors alike.

Location and Accessibility

Situated on the eastern shores of Lake Arietta, the neighborhood’s prime location provides easy access to major highways and urban centers, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a peaceful retreat without sacrificing convenience. Auburndale’s proximity to Orlando and Tampa ensures that residents can enjoy the best of both worlds – the relaxed suburban lifestyle and the vibrant cultural offerings of the nearby cities.

Natural Beauty

Arietta Shores boasts an idyllic setting that captivates everyone who sets foot in the area. The neighborhood’s centerpiece, Lake Arietta, enchants residents with its sparkling waters, inviting recreational opportunities, and stunning sunsets. Residents can savor leisurely walks along the lakefront, enjoy picnics on the shores, or partake in various water sports, creating lasting memories with family and friends.

Community Spirit

One of the most endearing aspects of Arietta Shores is its strong sense of community. The friendly and welcoming atmosphere fosters neighborly bonds that are rare to find in larger urban centers. Residents come together for various social events, including seasonal celebrations, community barbecues, and charity drives. The neighborhood association actively engages in ensuring a harmonious living environment and organizing initiatives that enrich the lives of its residents.

Recreation and Amenities

Arietta Shores caters to the recreational interests of its residents with numerous amenities. The neighborhood features beautifully landscaped parks, playgrounds for children, and scenic walking trails. Additionally, the lakefront offers ample opportunities for boating, fishing, and enjoying water-based activities. For golf enthusiasts, the nearby courses provide an excellent escape to the green, offering a peaceful and enjoyable way to spend a day outdoors.

Education and Schools

Families with children will appreciate the quality of education available in the area. Auburndale boasts excellent public and private schools, with dedicated teachers and staff focused on academic and personal development. The neighborhood’s safe and nurturing environment makes it an attractive choice for families looking to raise their children in a wholesome and caring community.

Real Estate and Housing

Arietta Shores showcases a diverse range of housing options, catering to various lifestyle preferences and budgets. From charming single-family homes with lakefront views to cozy townhouses, the neighborhood’s real estate offerings are designed to meet the unique needs of its residents. Living in Arietta Shores offers an exceptional opportunity to own a piece of Floridian paradise.


In conclusion, Arietta Shores in Auburndale, Florida, stands out as a hidden gem that offers a tranquil and picturesque lifestyle surrounded by natural beauty. With its warm community spirit, recreational amenities, and close-knit neighborhood, Arietta Shores continues to enchant both residents and visitors, leaving a lasting impression of the ideal Floridian living experience.


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