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No-Hype Click Thru Marketing System - Part 3
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Quick Review:  What have we covered so far?

1. Click Thru Marketing

2. Targeted traffic and why is it so important.

3. We discovered that it's possible to generate thousands of residual traffic hits.

4. What is a Conversion Rate?

5. We discussed what Click Thru Programs are the best and why.

Next, we will be covering these questions...

  • What tool should I use to stop pop-up windows?
  • What is the best time to surf?
  • How do I choose a quality click thru program?
  • Which three Click Thru Programs combined will achieve the most traffic?


  • You'll discover special browsers made for surfing.
  • How to greatly maximize your time spent surfing.
  • How to set up your favorites to quickly access your click thru pages.
  • Keeping your computer clean and running great.
  • Let's put the "Click Thru Marketing System" to the test.

Because click thru marketing caught on so fast, people started to create special browsers that would make surfing easer. These browsers have been designed with both speed and functionality in mind. They really help to keep your computer resources from bogging down.

A very handy feature of these browsers is the "Smart Groups" option which allows you to group several favorites into one menu-item so that you can launch several browser windows to different websites - all with one click.

It also has a feature to disable pop-up windows, sounds, pictures, animations etc. You can turn off pictures and animations and the page still loads so effectively that you would never know the graphics were missing.

Once you get the hang of surfing the click thru programs you'll want to surf more than one program at a time. It's really easy if you use these browsers. The two I use are Crazy Browser and SmartExplorer.

I just recently tried Crazy Browser a few weeks ago and I was amazed at how well it worked. I've been using SmartExplorer for almost two years and when I compared the two, I found out that Crazy Browser runs more efficiently.

They're about the same, but Crazy Browser kills all the pop-ups and SmartExplorer misses every now and then.

These browsers are a MUST if you plan to really drive some serious traffic. I recommend for two reasons: one, it's a little better; and two, it's completely free.

What tool should I use to stop pop-up windows?

If you choose not to use a web browser such as Crazy Browser, you'll need a program designed to stop all those annoying pop-up windows from constantly getting in your way when you're doing your click thrus.

If you choose not to use a web browser such as Crazy Browser, you'll need a program designed to stop all those annoying pop-up windows from constantly getting in your way when you're doing your click thrus.

Don't worry though, because I've tested a few and have found the one that works best. It's called Pop-up Stopper and it just so happens to be free.

One of the reasons I like Pop-up Stopper is the fact that you can set it up so that it beeps every time it shoots down a pop-up window. Plus, all you have to do to turn it off is double-click on the icon on your System Tray. This is very handy since you'll need the pop-up feature on occasions when you're not doing your click thrus (during normal business online).

You can download the Pop-up Stopper here.

How to greatly maximize your time spent surfing

There is one simple thing that you can do that will greatly maximize your time spent surfing.

By grouping click thru programs together according to their timers you can generate the best possible traffic results. You can do this by opening several browser windows at the same time, or by using a program such as Crazy Browser.

As I'm sure you are aware, each click thru program has a timer that determines the length of time that you must view a website. Some are as few as 10 seconds while others are as long as 30.

The number of click thru programs in your surfing group should reflect the length of the timer. For instance: group 2-3 exchanges together with 10 second timers; 4-5 with 15 and 20 second timers; and, as many as 6-7 with 30 second timers.

This will take a bit of experimentation on your part, but once the right balance is achieved, by the time you get back to the first program, the counter should be on zero.

What is the best time to surf?

Personally, I think the best time to surf is between Thursday and Sunday. That's when most people are surfing too. Of course with a lot of the newer features of traffic exchanges (like pausing your traffic) it doesn't really matter when you surf.

I think surfing late at night or early morning is best, because not a lot of people are surfing at that time and things seem to run a lot smoother. Remember, people have to surf to see your sites, so it really doesn't matter.

For example, 123Clicks and ClickMaster Pro both deliver more traffic while your surfing. In other words, if you want to target when your site gets seen, make sure you surf at that particular time.

I think the most important thing is to just get into a habit of surfing every day.

Free vs. Paid Click Thru Programs

Did you notice I just mentioned 123Clicks and ClickMaster Pro? These are Paid Click Thru Programs.

The majority of the click thru programs on the Internet today are free to join. At first glance this appears to be a great way to promote your service or product to a large number of prospective customers; however, there is one inherent problem.

These free programs always attract the freebie seeker. By definition, that's someone who is only interested in generating page views for their own website. The level of commitment in the free programs is not consistent. They are full of people who try one thing one day and, something else the next.

On the other hand, there are paid-to-join click thru programs, or pro traffic exchanges. These programs attract the serious Internet marketer... the marketing professional.

You know that these people are not only interested in promoting their own business but they are serious about seeing what other members have to offer as well!

How do you know?

Because every member has paid to be part of the program! This also tells you that they are willing to invest in a good opportunity when they see it.

Are free exchanges useless then? Definitely not! The free exchanges will always have their place on the Internet. You will find the serious marketers using the free programs too, but they will be mixed in together with your freebie seekers. So, your conversion rates per viewer will be lower, or in other words, you will make fewer sales per visitor.

Personally, I feel both can benefit your business. With a free exchange you'll generate more traffic. This is mainly because there's not enough Pro exchanges online to deliver what the free ones can. And most of the Pro exchanges have a smaller membership base at this time. But this will change soon enough as more Pros are launched and the current ones keep growing their membership base.

Look at it this way...

Let's say you had two barrels of apples. In one barrel you had one hundred juicy, ripe, red apples. In the other barrel you also had one hundred juicy, ripe, red apples. But in the second barrel you had nine hundred nasty worm-infested rotten apples mixed in.

Would you rather pick through the barrel with the one hundred good apples, or would you pick through all the nasty rotten apples to find the good ones?

Or look at it this way...

Let's say you want to build an opt-in list of Internet marketers and your choices of where to advertise are free or paid exchanges. Where would you advertise? The paid of course, because you know that *every* name and email address you collected had paid to join that program. That means they are valuable pre-qualified buyers.

When you really think about it... Pro exchanges will always be better then free exchanges.

The only good argument is that there are not enough members in the Pro exchanges. This is true, but when you bring Pro exchanges like (which has a membership base of 8,500+ buying customers) into the equation, you can clearly see where you want to apply your efforts.

The real truth is...

In a free exchange, you might have a list of some paying members, but you'll never know for sure.

So, what should be your first choice when promoting with a click thru program? You're already clicking for credits, so why not put those credits to the best possible use by targeting the marketing professionals?

Take your chances on a wormy apple - or bite into a crispy delicious one. Sounds like a no-brainier, wouldn't you say?

You can start by joining the two best paid exchanges online... and

How do you choose a quality click thru program?

When choosing a click thru program there are quite a few thing to be aware of. Things like: how long they've been in business, how well their system works, what their traffic to credits ratio is, and even how many downline levels they offer and what percent you get on each level.

Let's start by discussing how well their system works.

You determine this by going in and surfing for a while. Are there any glitches? Do the websites come up quickly and switch to the next site smoothly?

What kind of system do they use? Does their timer count down properly? Does it occasionally freeze up and stop working?

These are all important points when deciding if this is a good program or not. Of course, the most important would be if they generate sales and sign ups for the programs you're promoting, which obviously won't be immediately apparent.

Other things you want to look for are what websites are being rotated. You can easily tell what kind of people are using that program by what websites you see.

Look not only for the quality of sites shown, but the variety as well. You don't want to see the same site, owned by the same person, over and over again.

Do you see a lot of badly designed looking websites, or are they professionally designed? Do they have a lot of flashing banners and pictures that move all over the web page, or are they very well laid out and sharp looking?

Another important point is what credit to visitor ratio a click thru program offers their members.

This will determine how much time you have to spend surfing to get a certain amount of traffic. What you will want to look for is a program that offers a 1:1 ratio. In other words, when you visit another memberís website, you know someone is visiting yours.

Obviously, 1:1 is better than 2:1 right?

Yes, for the most part... but not every time and here's why. Most of the 1:1 click thru programs offer a lower percentage of residual traffic from your downline members. And sometimes the 1:1 programs will burn through your credits slower than a 2:1.

This is because on a 1:1 program the traffic is harder to deliver for the owner, because he has a lower amount of credits available for himself, thus it slows down the system because there are a lot more credits owed then available.

It doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but I know from experience that on a 2:1 program you will receive traffic a little faster. Of course you will have to surf longer to generate the same amount of traffic, but it's usually worth it.

Just because a traffic program takes a long time to send you traffic, it doesn't always mean it's a bad program. You see, some of the best programs like WebmasterQuest can take a while to deliver on your credits; this is because they have the best anti-cheat surf-bar online.

Programs with good visible anti-cheat surf-bars will not allow robots to steal your credits (which unfortunately happens all the time). This takes us into one of the most important factors in choosing a good click thru program.

They have to have good visible anti-cheat surf-bars. How can you tell if they've got anti-cheat surf-bars? Simply look at them. Does their surf bar stay in one place, or is it constantly moving around? Does it have different colors or images to click on each time it loads? Does it move from left to right, or bottom to top of the page?

What you really want to avoid is any surf bar that just sits there, or even worse, one that you can just hit the refresh button over and over again and keep earning credits. If you really want to see security in action, than I suggest you go take a look at the WebmasterQuest's surf bar.

Another very important aspect of determining a quality click thru program is finding out how many downline levels they offer and how much of a percentage of their traffic you receive from your downline.

The average is four levels at 10% per level.

You can find click thru programs that offer quite a bit more, but you have to be careful, because if they offer too many levels and too much of a percentage, they will find themselves not able to deliver on their traffic. It's a mathematical certainty.

Okay, now you should have a great understanding on what to look for in a quality click exchange program.

Which three Click Thru Programs combined will achieve the most traffic?

Okay, here is where I am going to let you in on some of my personal 'Click Thru Marketing Secrets'.

There are three programs that I use at the same time. In fact, they work so well together that I can generate an average of 265 visitors an hour.

Before I tell you which ones, I need to cover what systems I am currently running. I use Crazy Browser, plus I have a Comcast cable connection. Before you get upset that you have dial-up, keep in mind that when I calculated the 5000 hits a month, I figured that number at only 179 hits an hour, not 265 (this is hits, not credits).

Ok... The three most effective programs to use simultaneously are NoMoreHits, TrafficRoundup, and 123Clicks.

What you do is open three windows and set each of them to the appropriate starter page (NoMoreHits, TrafficRoundup, 123Clicks).

Then you just switch back and forth between each window on your task bar so you can view what is on that website before clicking thru to the the next site.

Let's try it right now. Open Crazy Browser (or three browser windows) and type in (or copy-n-paste) your surfing link provided by each of these click thru programs.

Note: For this exercise I suggest using 123Clicks. This is a paid exchange and if you don't feel comfortable paying to join an exchange yet, I suggest you replace 123Clicks with StartXchange for this exercise.

Once you have everything in place, you should have three separate windows open and be ready to surf.

Let's put the "Click Thru Marketing System" to the test. "

Go ahead and practice doing some click thrus for the next 5 minutes or so. Just click the Next link on NoMoreHits, 123Clicks, and the GO button on TrafficRoundup. (If you went with StartXchange then click the right color)

That's all there is to it. Just keep practicing and improving your time and of course if you see anything you like, stop and check it out... that's why this system works.

How to set up your favorites to quickly access your click thru pages.

Now this is something you might want to do. This one is real easy.

Okay this one is easy.

What you do is go to your Notepad or Wordpad document (that has all your click thru programs in it), and copy and paste your starter link into your "Address Bar". Hit ENTER, then click on your FAVORITES and create a folder entitled "Click Thru Programs."

Proceed to SAVE the program in it. Go back and do the same thing with all of your programs. Then, when you want to start surfing, all you do is open up as many click thru programs as your computer can handle - right from your FAVORITES.

Keep in mind; it's much easer to store these pages for 'quick launch' by using the features available from Crazy Browser.

Keeping your computer clean and running great

We should probably talk about your "Temporary Internet Files," in case you're not aware of them. This is where your computer saves your "cookies" and the web pages you have recently visited.

If these files are not kept clean your computer will soon slow down and get bogged (I am not a techie, so I'm sure there is more to it than that). What I do is go through and clean them out every couple of days. It seems to keep things running smoothly. The usual path on your computer to these files is... "C:\WINDOWS\Temporary Internet Files"

Well, it's time to conclude our tutorial.

Most everything else I am learning and testing as we speak, and I will be constantly keeping you up to date on the latest and greatest programs and techniques that will help you *Drive Some Serious Traffic*.

It's time to go to work.... are you ready to put the "Click Thru Marketing System" into action?

Here is your homework: ....if you haven't already ...START NOW!

..."And Make Straight A's"

Dan Moses
Dan Moses

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