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No-Hype Click Thru Marketing System - Part 2
Copyright © 2001- - Dan Moses

Quick Review:  What have we covered so far?

1. We learned the concept of Click Thru Marketing....

The sites on the Internet called click thru programs that people join and become part of a click thru "community". Members of this "community" are able to generate traffic to their websites by visiting other websites in the community.

2. We learned what targeted traffic is and why is it so important.

3. We discovered that it's possible to generate thousands of residual traffic hits.

Next, we will be covering these questions...

  • What is a Conversion Rate?
  • What is Alexa?
  • What Click Exchange Programs are the best and why?

Plus: Actual insider click thru marketing results.

Are you ready to *generate* some serious traffic? Let's get started...

What is a Conversion Rate?

Before I can go any further I need to make sure you have a firm understanding of what a Conversion Rate is.

Conversion Rate: The single most important piece of information that you can track.

You calculate it by using this formula: CR = the number of MWR (Most Wanted Responses) per week or day divided by the number of visitors per week or day.

Knowing the CR is very important. Here's why. You can make a change to your site and measure the effects by the CR.

Let's say you make a change to your headline and your CR drops by 70%. Then, you put the headline back the way it was. If your sales go back up, then you would keep it.

This is very important when measuring the value of the click thru program with the web page you choose to advertise.

Technically, you can't judge a click thru program by how well your CR is doing. You have to take into consideration what you're promoting. You might have a great web page but if the targeting does not fit your product then either change the product or change the program. (You could just change the page you are using to a different page designed especially for that particular target audience.)

What is Alexa?

Alexa is a new kind of search engine, one that helps users find and determine the best sites online, with less effort.

Alexa Web Search gives you access to thousands of user reviews and ratings of web sites, plus, site statistics and related links. When you use Alexa, you will surf smarter and save time for more important things.

Alexa Web Search provides:

  • Search Results -- Google search with added Alexa information helps you to surf smarter.
  • Site Reviews -- Learn what other surfers think of a site, and share your experience by writing your own reviews.
  • Traffic Rankings -- Find out how popular a site is with other users.
  • Related Links -- Where have other surfers gone from here? Follow them to find related sites.
  • Related Categories -- One-click access to a directory of related sites.
  • Contact Information -- Find out who owns the site and see their location and email address.
So how does Alexa factor into click thru marketing?

Simple... you can do a search for any click exchange program and easly find out how it stacks up against the competition.

What Click Exchange Programs are the best and why?

What I am going to share with you next are some tips and techniques on each click thru program and, what kind of CR I've been getting for that particular program.

I have listed the top fourteen free Click Thru Programs (I say free because there are paid-only programs as well. We'll get into free vs. paid later on).

  1. WebmasterQuest: - Alexa Rating:
    (Ratio 1:1) (Join Bonus 0) (Referral levels 5) (Rating *****)

  2. CashClicking: - Alexa Rating:
    (Ratio 2:1) (Join Bonus 0) (Referral levels 5) (Rating *****)

  3. TrafficSwarm - Alexa Rating:
    (Ratio 1:1) (Join Bonus 100) (Referral levels 5) (Rating *****)

  4. MysticalMaze:
    (Ratio 2:1) (Join Bonus 10) (Referral levels 3) (Rating *****)

  5. ClicksMatrix
    (Ratio 2:1) (Join Bonus 0) (Referral levels 5) (Rating *****)

  6. TrafficRoundUp - Alexa Rating:
    (Ratio 2:1) (Join Bonus 0) (Referral Levels 4) (Rating *****)

  7. HitSafari:
    (Ratio 2:1) (Join Bonus 0) (Referral Levels 6) (Rating *****)

  8. Traffic G 'Super Surf': - Alexa Rating:
    (Ratio 1:1) (Join Bonus 10) (Referral levels 5) (Rating *****)

  9. ProHitsPlus:
    (Ratio 4:3) (Join Bonus 0) (Referral levels 2) (Rating *****)

  10. StartXchange: - Alexa Rating:
    (Ratio 4:3) (Join Bonus 100) (Referral levels 4) (Rating *****)

  11. TrafficTribe: - Alexa Rating:
    (Ratio 2:1) (Join Bonus 0) (Referral levels 4) (Rating *****)

  12. TopSurfer: - Alexa Rating:
    (Ratio 4:3) (Join Bonus 100) (Referral levels 4) (Rating *****)

  13. NoMoreHits: - Alexa Rating:
    (Ratio 2:1) (Join Bonus 50) (Referral levels 5) (Rating *****)

  14. iLoveClicks: - Alexa Rating:
    (Ratio 1:1) (Join Bonus 5) (Referral levels 3) (Rating *****)

Before we jump into a more detailed description and tips for each program, I need to tell you about a valuable tool...

There's one "must have" management tool when you use click thru programs. This one tool will free you from the most time consuming chore that you have as a click thru marketer. What do you think most people normally do when they want to change the website that they're promoting?

Well, if they're not using this tool they have to log into every single click thru program that they're using and change each URL when they want to promote a new program or product.

If they're currently using only 10 to 20 click thru programs that'll take them a LOT of time, but what about those people that use 50 to 100 click thru programs? That would take them hours and hours to change all their links.

What I'm about to introduce you to is a tool that will save you hours and hours of time. Your "must have" management tool is a site rotator. A rotator stores all the URL's that you're promoting and allows you to pick and choose which ones that you want advertised.

When setting up your click thru programs, list your site rotator as the website that you want to promote. When visitors access the URL, your rotator automatically transports them to one of the web pages you've chosen to advertise.

When the time comes that you want to change the website(s) that you're promoting, all you have to do is login to one place online and make one change that will affect all your advertising across your entire click thru network.

The rotator that I highly recommend is Not only does PageSwirl have a full-featured memberís area where you keep track of and manage your websites, it does NOT have any pop-ups in a frame, banner ads, or navigational frames! Plus it provides you with live up-to-the-second statistics.

Another reason why PageSwirl beats the competition is that they're on a dedicated server and their 'up time' is to be commended. They also add new features and ways to make MORE money every month. This Program Rocks!

It's a real keeper in my book!

Tips and Insight on the Best Click Thru Programs Online.

# 1 WebmasterQuest: (Ratio 1:1) (Join Bonus 0) (Referral levels 5) (Rating *****)

WebmasterQuest: Our #1 rated traffic generating system, includes a 5-level referral service, plus email and banner capabilities, affiliate exchange, lottery game, and even click for cash. It's a traffic program, a banner program, and an ad program all in one. Best testing ground for marketing and promotion.

WebmasterQuest is the best of the best click thru program.

Before I ever roll out a product or service, I always test it first on WebmasterQuest. They have it all, including quality and professionalism.

Note: They use two different ratios 2:1 and a 1:1. When you log in and click on the "Surf for Traffic" link on the upper left hand corner of the Members control panel you are using their 1:1 ratio.

If you use your starter link they provide you with, you will be using a 2:1 ratio.

Here are some actual insider click thru marketing results:

On their click thru exchange I have received as high as 1% Conversion Rate. My average CR is .75%. Out of every 150 visitors I get one MWR.

On their email ad program I have recieved an average of 25 ad views per click, and out of four clicks I recieve one MWR.

Their email ad program includes...

  • 15 second timer at bottom of text message
  • 1 credit earned per email read
  • you don't have to worry about spam or clearing out old messages from your inbox
  • text ad can be emailed to you directly if you're interested in offer
  • and the best part is - you can test your ad before you send it out to your subscribers.

TIP: When using WebmasterQuest's Email Ad exchange, it is very important to place your most compelling ad copy at the bottom of the ad.

You see, most people are just waiting for the 15-second timer to run out and they usually only read the headline. If that does not grab them by the throat and cause them to read your whole ad copy then you will get a second chance when they scroll down to the bottom to see where the timer is (remember you have 15-seconds).

At this point, they have no choice but to look at the banner or stare at the timer.

What I tend to do is first look at the banner then watch the timer decrease until it's time to click.

If you include some eye-catching text that will draw them in, you might have another chance for them to read your ad.

Here is a good example of something that catches the eye, part of an ad that I have been using.

>> WARNING! << This is not your typical run-of-the-mill
free traffic club. If you're as serious about marketing and
promotion as we are, join the FCTC team. If you're only
interested in watching your hit counter spin, join one of
those other clubs!

This obviously will grab the attention of the reader. If they decide to click over to my website, it's because good eye-catching ad copy has prompted them to do so.

Their banner program is fantastic! I average around a 2 - 3% click thru ratio.

Here are my results from one of my banner advertising campaigns:

My banner was shown 4,616 times... I received 210 click thrus... that = a 4.549 click thru percent. Now here was the best part. Out of 210 clicks I got 21 MWR. Breaking this down even farther... How many credits would this take to have 4,616 banner impressions? At that time, WebmasterQuest had it set so that 1 credit = 6 impressions!

So 4616 divided by 6 = 769.33. It took 769 credits to get 21 MWR's. How long does it take to generate 769 credits (remember WebmasterQuest has a 1:1 ratio)? It only would take you 6-1/2 hours... that's it!

As you can tell, their banner program has a better CR then the click thru exchange and the email ad program. And that's one of the many reasons why WebmasterQuest is the best.

You're really going to have to try this one out to see all the great goodies they provide.

TIP: When signing up for these programs, try to use the same Username and Password. It makes it much easier to remember, and much harder to forget. I recommend using 7 digit Usernames and Passwords. By doing this, you will only have a few programs that, in the end, will differ.

Also, you'll want to keep track of your Usernames and Passwords. The best way is to copy and paste them into Notepad or a Wordpad document for easy access later. The information for each program, should be similar to this.

  • Program: (The Actual Name Of the Program)
  • Username: (name you use to sign up -- try to use the same one in all of them!)
  • Password: (password to login -- try to use the same one in all of them!)
  • Referral Link: (link to send others to in order to join under you)
  • Start Page Link: (page to surf at in order to earn credits -- for start page programs only)

# 2 CashClicking: (Ratio 2:1) (Join Bonus0) (Referral levels 5) (Rating *****)

CashClicking was created by the founders of WebmasterQuest and is the first open-market traffic exchange where members can buy and sell credits from each other, across an open marketplace, to the highest bidder! The most advanced anti-cheating technology insures that real people will see your website. An excellent 5-level referral service, that compensates at 10% on each level. And much, much more...

Here Are A Few Of Their Huge Benefits:

- Advanced anti-cheating technology insures that real people will see your website when their browser loads!

- The ability to sell your credits to other members, so it's great for members that want to earn some quick cash!

- An excellent five-tier referral plan that compensates at 10% on each level. That's right! You will earn REAL MONEY and LOTS of traffic credits from your downline members.

- An extraordinary server backend that insures that you will benefit from lots of uninterrupted surfing.

They also have a premium membership called... "Premium Traffic Broker"

CashClicking - Premium Member Benefits include:

- 1:1 surfing ratios (even for startpage surfing!)
- Random referrals to your account from direct sign-ups
- 5% reduction in Transaction Fees when selling credits
- minimum 40% auto-assign (75% for regular members)
- multiple listings on sell boards

Don't waste time on this one, if you haven't already signed up... Do it now!

# 3 TrafficSwarm (Ratio 1:1) (Join Bonus 100) (Referral levels 5) (Rating *****)

TrafficSwarm Is a text link exchange and exit exchange in one. It has a 1:1 ratio, 5 referral levels, you earn 100% referral credits. I thought it was too good to be true at first ... but after testing it out, the results have proven to be extremely profitable. And the feedback I've received so far has been great.

"TrafficSwarm was directly responsible for $750 in new sales the very first week I tried it. Anyone who wants free traffic will have to look long and hard to find something that rivals this!"

Jim Daniels,


The TrafficSwarm Difference:

TrafficSwarm combines the best features of other popular traffic-generation systems with proven site promotion strategies, and the result is something totally unique and more profitable than anything you've seen before.

More importantly, the result is literally unlimited quantities of targeted AND pre-qualified visitors to YOUR website - week after week. We're not talking about random web surfers or other low-quality traffic here ...

Unlike many other traffic generation systems that "force" web surfers into viewing a particular page or website, TrafficSwarm gives them a choice.

In doing so, it generates qualified and responsive prospects for YOU!

Who do you think is going to be more likely to subscribe to your ezine, download your trial software, purchase your product, etc? ...

Someone who has read a short description of your website and decides to click to your website out of their own curiosity and/or interest ... or, someone who is forced to view your website automatically?

It's a no-brainier! TrafficSwarm generates visitors that are eager to learn more about what you're offering - visitors that are far more likely to take the action you want them to - because they have chosen to visit your website.

Here are some of my results I have received in the first month when it launched.

I used 15107 credits.

I've received 749 clickthrus which generated 14 sales for ClickMaster Pro (my paid exchange -- more on this later).

The Ad I used:
Clicky says, " ROCKS" (C M P) Capture Market Promote
Would you like to... Capture targeted traffic, Market to
pre-qualified buyers and Promote where the money's
at...? So, what are you waiting for? Go take a look now

Click here to sign up in

# 4 MysticalMaze: (Ratio 2:1) (Join Bonus 10) (Referral levels 3) (Rating *****)

MysticalMaze: This new exchange is based around a maze game, where you get to move through the maze every 10 pages. You can win prizes and cash while going through the maze, and there's also always a big one at the end! It has a 2:1 surf ratio (with a 1:1 Pro upgrade option), you get 10 credits for each referral, 3 referral levels, a 20-second surf timer.

One of the things I like best about this fun exchange is that you earn 50% residual income on all your upgrades (only if you're upgraded yourself). This exchange has paid out quite a bit of cash in a very short period of time. And is a sure bet to upgrade in.

One more very important thing worth mentioning about MysticalMaze, is that the owner it at the top of his game. Robert Palmer and I have become good friend in the last few months and I really like his determined efforts to put quality customer service back into the exchange industry. One thing's for sure... Robert will always do his best to make sure all your questions get answered.

You can't go wrong joining this one...

# 5 ClicksMatrix:(Ratio 2:1) (Join Bonus 0) (Referral levels 5) (Rating *****)

ClicksMatrix: Is from the owners of WebmasterQuest and CashClicking and is another proven winner in this industry. The one huge benefit to this one verses the others, is that with ClicksMartix you can make referral commissions on 15 levels of your downline. In other words, it can really off to refer new members to ClicksMatrix.

It also has most of the same features as WebmasterQuest including one of my favorites, their "cost-per-click" search engine. CPC, is where you can use their search engine to view websites based on the keywords you've chosen. The benefit comes when you view certain websites that have bid high for their placement in the search engine and when you view their sites you also earn 50% in credits for what they've bid.

This means that you can earn a substantial amount of credits very quickly by viewing sites in their CPC search engine.

TIP: I always start each surfing session by first viewing websites that have bid high on their CPC search engine. I've also earned as much as 100 credits in a few short minutes.

This one is a REAL winner... And a great one to upgrade in:

# 6 TrafficRoundUp
(Ratio 2:1) (Join Bonus 0) (Referral Levels 4) (Rating *****)

TrafficRoundup: You don't need to login to begin your click thrus with this one. You get one visit for every two websites you view for 20 seconds. 4-level referral network. Pro membership available.

I think one of the biggest benefits of TrafficRoundup is the owner. Stephen Ayer is very committed to his members and is always looking out for them. He's definitly one of the best owners of a traffic exchange online.

My average CR is .63%. Out of every 175 visitors I get one MWR.

# 7 HitSafari:(Ratio 2:1) (Join Bonus 0) (Referral Levels 6) (Rating *****)

HitSafari: is a new program that was created by the founder of (Stephen Ayer) and is run by a VERY good Friend of mine (Paula Zuehlke) of

With these two "top notch" marketers at the helm... this is one of the best exchanges of all time.

It has a 2:1 surf ratio (with a 1:1 Pro upgrade option), you get 25 credits for each referral, 6 referral levels, a 20-second surf timer and commissions paid on purchases of your direct referrals (20% Pro/10%) Free.

Personally, I've already made a handful of cash with this one. It's just one of those programs that seem to attract at lot of people. It has that down to earth quality that really builds the desire to become an active member. We've seen quite a few leads come in from using this service.

Swing on in today!

# 8 Traffic G 'Super Surf': (Ratio 1:1) (Join Bonus 10) (Referral levels 5)
(Rating *****)

TrafficG: One hit for every site you visit. Bonus credits for referring new downline members. Referrals 5 levels deep. You're going to be hard pressed to keep up with this one. As fast as you gain credits, they're being applied to whatever websites you're promoting.

If there's one thing you can bet on - it's this... once you generate credits the visitors will come... and fast!

TIP: This tip consists of achieving more targeted banner exposures for free.

TrafficG has a very impressive Banner Exchanger program that allows you to gain some extra banner impressions for doing practically nothing.

The way it works is for every two banners you view (2:1), you earn one exchange credit. You can also earn the same exchange credits by placing some exchange code on your website, the same as you would do in any normal banner exchange.

Both their Banner Exchange and Banner Exchanger are using the same system, same credits etc.

That means your banner could be viewed by other "exchangers" or on another website. Plus you can earn credits from both places simultaneously!

What you do is log into your members area on and find the link that says "Exchanger Center" and click on it. Next find and click the "Banner" link. From there you want to enter the banner you wish to promote and place it into the correct fields. Then you are going to want to save it. Then find and click the link that says "Download & Site Code". Download and install it. You will need WinZip to open it.

If you need a copy you can download a trial version from

After installing it, proceed to open it onto your desktop. Now all you have to do is move it around (by clicking on the arrow) while you work and you will be earning banner impressions.

My average CR is .66%. Out of every 150 visitors I get one MWR.

One of the best features is that you can promote more than one URL (web page address). Not only that, but you can also choose which one you want to send more traffic to and then save your changes. Very Cool!

# 9 ProHitsPlus: (Ratio 4:3) (Join Bonus 0) (Referral levels 3) (Rating *****)

ProHitsPlus: "Delivers the kind of knock-out marketing punch you need!"

ProHitsPlus is a very unique program. It's a PRO-only traffic exchange that switched to a FREE one. Stephen Ayer (also the owner of TrafficRoundup) decided one day he wanted to change his paid exchange to free and see what happened. He said it just wasn't that active... Now this is a good thing for you and I, because we now know that there are a lot of Pre-Qualified Buyers surfing the exchange. Not to mention, the last thing I heard is that his membership base is growing by leaps and bounds.

Because it was once a Paid only exchange, there are still quite a few active members that had paid-to-join ProHitsPlus. When they paid-to-join, they instantly made themselves the most sought after individuals online... Pre-Qualified Buyers. These are the members you want to join your business or buy your products.

Don't wait another second... join now!

# 10 StartXchange (Ratio 2:1) (Join Bonus 0) (Referral Levels 4) (Rating *****)

StartXchange "Delivering Quality Hits For Free Since 2001!"

This program has not only stood the test of time, but it has gradually increased its over-all value. It wasn't until I really put it to the test this last week, that I realized it is one of the BEST click thru programs online. I would even go so far as saying it's almost neck-and-neck with TrafficRoundup.

It has a 2:1 surf ratio (with a 1:1 Pro upgrade option), you get 10 credits free when you join, It also has 4 referral levels and a 20-second surf timer. This one is a REAL winner...

# 11 TrafficTribe: (Ratio 2:1) (Join Bonus 0) (Referral levels 4) (Rating *****)

TrafficTribe: TrafficTribe: is a free to join Manual Traffic Exchange using a brand new script designed to make your surfing experience a delight...

And that's what they deliver. It's been a nice change learning to using a new exchange script and so far I really enjoy it. It is a little confusing at first, but well worth the time spent to learn how to use it. Now the best part... all members of TrafficTribe can earn commissions (as high as 50%) from every sale coming from their first level downline members and just so you know... this is unheard of with any of the free exchanges online!

My average CR is .50%. Out of every 200 visitors I get one MWR.

Take a look!

You see, once you understand how this works, you will work as hard as you can, as well as in the most efficient way possible in order to earn credits.

Are you starting to get the big picture?

Good. Now let's move on...

# 12 NoMoreHits: (Ratio 2:1) (Join Bonus 50) (Referral levels 5) (Rating *****)

NoMoreHits: Extremely popular and one of the first click thru programs. 5-level referral, 1 hit for every two sites you visit. Huge membership equates to unlimited source of viewers and highly targeted traffic overall.

NoMoreHits has created a win/win situation for all its members. It is the first click thru program to give you targeted traffic; and targeting your traffic will definitively improve the CR of the hits you're receiving.

This was the first good traffic generating program I signed up with. I can still remember, I was so excited when I got my first 25 hits that I ran in and told my wife. Of course, now, if I don't generate at least 500 hits a day, I feel like a slacker.

NoMoreHits has over 150,000 members and is by far the biggest click thru program online. This can be a very valuable piece of information to know when considering your next marketing campaign.

My average CR is .50%. Out of every 200 visitors I get one MWR.

If you haven't already joined go now...

# 13 TopSurfer: (Ratio 4:3) (Join Bonus 100) (Referral levels 4) (Rating *****)

TopSurfer: Relatively new but definitely a top contender in generating quality hits. Their unique software practically guarantees you'll receive excellent results. 100 free credits on sign-up plus you get 100 hits for each and every referral.

If you're like me you're really going to like the look and feel of this one.

One of their other benifits is that if you click a least 30 times a day, you will be put on a priority list. (Your traffic will come faster.) If you don't, then you could be waiting a while. Now this also is a good thing, because it pretty much guarantees you will be receiving residual traffic because people want to surf to get on the priority list.

Now if you don't want to surf every day, you could always join their Wholesale program which guarantees you a priority setting for a month.

The Wholesale membership program is also very profitable. Personally, I make an average of about $100 a month. Of course I do have a large downline in this program and that helps a lot. Basically, they give away everything "but the kitchen sink" to help you make $10 per sale. Make sure you look into this. If you don't, you could be sorry.

Okay... now on to some more click thru marketing results:

My average CR is .40%. Out of every 250 visitors I get one MWR.

Head on over and check it out.

# 14 iLoveClicks (Ratio 1:1) (Join Bonus 5) (Referral Levels 3) (Rating *****)

iLoveClicks: Very easy to use. Earn, buy, or swap credits. One hit for every site you visit plus random bonus credits. One of the major benefits lies in the simplistic way this exchange system operates.

They offer a number of quality traffic enhancing services. In the future, they'll offer automated, real-time payment processing and targeted opt-in e-mail advertising.

There is also a very unique quality that iLoveClicks has.

You see, most click thru programs recycle their visitors every single day; sometimes multiple times per day. If you assign 20 credits to a site on one of the other programs, you'll see those 20 credits disappear rapidly. On iLoveClicks, you see those credits used up much more slowly.

Why is that?

Normally, iLoveClicks only sends people to your site once every fifteen days. So, if you see that you've used up 100 credits in a 15 day period, you know that means you've had 100 different people visit your site. If you use up 100 credits in 15 days on most other click thru programs, you have no guarantee that equates to 100 unique visitors. Theoretically, the same person could have visited your site 100 times!

However, there are users who just don't care about unique traffic. They want as many hits as they can possible get and they don't care where they come from.

So, they've decided to give their users the best of both worlds. Now, you get to choose how unique your traffic is. When you set up your page, the entry screen asks you "How unique do you want your traffic to be?" The default is 15. That means that they guarantee that the same users don't see your site more than once every 15 days. You can change this to any number between 1 and 15. If you set this value to 1, they'll recycle your traffic every single day and you'll get more hits. The higher you set this value, the slower the hits will come, but they will also increase in value.

My average CR is .57%. Out of every 175 visitors I get one MWR.

Note: By signing up in all of the top click thru programs you will generate over 300 hits in free sign up bonus credits.

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