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How To Help Others Succeed In 3 Easy Steps
Copyright © 2006 - by Dan Moses

Did you know that the saying, "If you help enough people
succeed, you yourself will become successful," is true?

Well, not only is it truth to the fullest, it is one principle
used by the most successful people in the world.

Every person that has become successful has at one
time or another helped someone else with his or
her success. And in the process, those other
people have helped make them even more successful.

Think about it... If you invest in people they will invest
in you. They will also be the most loyal people you will
know…especially in business. When something goes
wrong in your business they will be the first people there
for you. When you need help they will be the first to come
to your aid in any way they can.

Helping others is so important that it's key to your success
with your online business.

Here are 3 steps you can do to start helping other people
with their success online.

1. Be Empathetic

Think back to when you started working your business and
how hard it was to understand the lingo or how you felt when
you first started trying to make money online. What helped
you the most? What was a waste of time? What did you
learn by trial and error that could’ve been made easier if
you’d only had someone to show you the way? What are
some tools you didn’t know about that would’ve been the
most helpful in getting your business off the ground?

2. Make A List

Write down the things you did that helped you learn how to
do different tasks. Don’t forget to include the things you
found that didn't help or proved only to be a waste of time.
Make a list of those dos and don'ts and put them into a
word document, note pad, or on a web page. Be sure to
take your time and perfect the list until they are very easy
to understand and follow.

3. Show It Off

Show your list to people every chance you get…even if you
think they are more knowledgeable than you are. It really
doesn't matter who they are, because if you can help them
in any way, you've begun your path to success.

Exchanging phone numbers is a great way to build relationships
and trust in people, and to find those who are truly interested in
what you have to offer. You can communicate your information
to a lot of people at once on a website, but you can only talk to
one person at a time on the phone. That quality time with one
right person could be the best investment you will ever make.

As time goes on and more people you come into contact with
and are able to help, you will notice that they will start helping
you in return. This could happen in a variety of ways. They may
show you things that they've learned. They might refer more
people to your page or content. Or, they may turn out to be
your most loyal customer.

This can be very easy when you take this one step further and
add affiliate links into your free dos and don'ts list.

For example... If one item on your list is how you have learned
to use an autoresponder system and your success with following
up with people who use it, then make sure you include a link to
that autoresponder service that you use in your content.

There are many terms people use for this kind of marketing.
They might call these free reports, viral e-books, or mini-reports.
The key factor here is that you are honest and genuine and that
you make sure to include any affiliate links you can for the
products and services you use and share with people on your
dos and don'ts list.

If you write it in a manner that is truly helpful to others (which
is what your focus is) they will respond in the way you want.
The extra time you spend creating a quality page with helpful
content and not merely a bunch of links will be well worth the
effort in the long run. The easy path is not necessarily the
best path.

When you're first getting started, all you want to focus on is
the most helpful dos and don'ts list you can write. When
you’ve got it perfected, then add links where it's appropriate.

Here's a personal story on how I was able to pick up hundreds
of dollars worth of products absolutely free and how I met my
mentor that was the key factor in my success.

If you can remember back a few years ago when there was no
real encryption software for PayPal and if you knew how, you
could steal any product online that used their services.

I did something that most people wouldn't do. But, because I
did I built some lasting relationships that were key to my online

What I did was very simple... I went looking for products that
I could steal.

No, I didn't steal them... I just found products I COULD steal
easily if I had chosen to. All I’d have to do was find a product
that used PayPal and look at the source code. If I found the
source code with the PayPal info, I could copy and paste the
download link and voila! I’d have had the product in no time.

However, since I’m such an honest person, instead of stealing
them I emailed the owner and let them know I could steal them
and how. I would say something like this... "I found your product
and wanted it so bad I almost stole it. But instead, I decided the
honest thing to do was to send you an email and let you know
about this security breech in your system." Then, I gave them
details of how I could’ve stolen their product and gave them ideas
for how to make their sites more secure.

Do you know what happened? Every one of those people GAVE
me some of their products for FREE and went on to share with
me how amazed they were that I was so honest and took the
time to help them with their security issues.

Yes, I received close to $1,000 dollars worth of products and earned
the respect of several business leaders, one of which went on to
become my mentor. She taught me how to build web pages, write
ad-copy, create e-books, and many more things that I needed to
become successful online. We even did some Joint Ventures and
created many online programs I still own and operate today.

In conclusion:

What I shared above is only scratching the surface of all the ways
to help people. Try to put yourself in their shoes and follow the
Golden Rule at all times... "Do unto others as you would have
them do unto you".

Find any way you can to invest in people and their success and
by doing so you will become successful.

Guaranteed! It's a fact!

Now get out there and help someone today! :o)

                                 * * * * * * * * * *

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Dan Moses is a 28-year old family man living in Redmond,
Oregon who came online over six years ago, and like most
of us, planned to set out on a journey of finding his riches
on the Internet. Of course, he quickly realized it wasn't as
easy as most would have you believe. But that didn't stop
Dan... Throughout his journeys he has become quite the
entrepreneur by owning and operating close to 10 sites
online, the most popular being... Recommended Links:
PageSwirl : ClickMaster Pro : FreeClickThruClub

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