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Making A Full-Time Living From The Traffic Exchanges - Part 2
Copyright 2005 - by Dan Moses

In part one we briefly talked about ways to make money
from the exchanges, but today we're going to go into
more details on how this is accomplished.

First off, you must understand that this is going to take
some time. I say this because without the downlines in
place you aren't going to receive much in the way of
commissions and residual income.

Your set up plan consists of building downlines as
your primary focus. Think of it this way... with each
new downline member you receive, that puts you one
step closer to your end goal... which in this situation is
residual income in the thousands each month.

Fact: Each downline member adds more potential to
reaching that goal and should be treated as an important
part of your focus.

And there are ways to motivate that downline member
to get more active so you can reach your goal faster.
We will get into that in the future with effective ways to
email your downline and motivate them to surf every day.

The most wonderful aspect of the traffic exchanges is
the downline building capabilities that are programmed
into their systems. Every time a new downline members
joins either your downline or your downlines - downline
(usually 5 levels deep) you benefit.

Keep in mind, that the most benefit comes form your
first level downline since this is where you make
commissions from. But since you receive residual
traffic from the other 4 levels this can be a huge
benefit to you as well.

So your efforts should always be to generate more
first level downline members and then teach your first
level downline to do the same. Once you teach them,
they will teach their first level downline and that will
keep them active and surfing the exchanges everyday.
This is important so that you will always have them
helping grow your business.

Okay, once you have put into place this system of
everyone helping everyone build their downlines, you
will always have a steady flow of residual traffic
building up month after month.

This is very important to make sure your business
stays stable and continues to grow for the long-term.

Now the second very important part is where you send
your traffic. Remember you will receive more and more
residual traffic as your downlines grow and you need to
know where to send that traffic to create an ongoing,
compounding process.

You must have a URL (a website) that grows your
business. This is the central location from where you
not only send your traffic, but where you can best use
that traffic to the fullest.

From personal experience this main URL or URLs needs
to be a downline builder program or list builder. Preferable
a downline builder that helps build your downlines in the
best traffic exchanges online.

For myself this has been (a club
designed to help you build your downlines in the top traffic
exchanges online).

This program accomplishes three things right off the bat.

1. When a member joins FCTC you receive the name and
email address of that person (you can also add that name
and email into your personal autoresponder and send out
emails to get to know them and help motivate them to the

2. Through the program they have access to the best traffic
exchanges you want them to join. In other words, this
program does the work for you. It gets the person to join,
it suggests to this person to join 20 other exchanges and
puts them right into your downlines in the best exchanges
online. Not to mention it teaches them how to do it so you
don't have to.

3. Making money... yes, FCTC has a list of the best Paid
traffic exchanges that pay out commissions when a new
member joins. This means that when a member joins one
of these programs you will make a commissions on the spot.

Now let me quickly share with you what it really takes to
generate referrals. These are the averages for FCTC I
have tracked and tested out.

Right now it takes about 300 page views to get a new
member to join my FCTC downline. 1 out of 10 of my
FCTC referrals will join all the programs inside FCTC.
1 out of 5 will join at least one program in FCTC. These
are the average numbers. In other words, there's no Hype
here... there's no fluff. This is what you can expect as an

You might do better then this or maybe even worse. I
just want you to know what to expect before you get
going. Okay, so let's go over some more figures here.

Let's say it takes 10 new FCTC members to make a
commission of $5 (this tends to be the worst case
scenario). That would mean it takes 3,000 hits to make
your first $5. But keep in mind, that even though it might
take 10 FCTC referrals to get a sale for a paid exchange,
there are other huge benefits we're not discussing right
now for the other referrals that join some programs.
One of those benefits is the residual traffic aspect
when your downline surfs.

Let's say that you do get 10 FCTC referrals and that you
did get a $5 commission. What else are you receiving?
One, a serious referral in your downline that is willing to
spend money online. This is what we call a customer.
Next you get 10% in residual traffic of what this person
surfs. So if he surfs 100 sites a day, you receive 10 hits
to your URL. Multiply that by 30 days and that's 300
free hits for you each month. Wow that's just one referral.

Remember... this all adds up each month. The more
downline you refer the more free traffic, the more
commissions you make.

And this is just the beginning... out of those 9 other
referrals in the example above... you will receive
residual traffic for the one's that surf. It's truly
amazing how this can compound on itself.

Now let's talk about how you can make this move faster
for you. There are other ways to speed up this process
and get you to the point where you are making money

1. Emailing your downline... once you have their name
and email address you can first email them a welcome
email with information on who you are and that you
know ways to help them get started. This is one of the
most effective ways to build relationships with your
downline and the most prosperous in the long run.

Plus once you build those relationships... it makes it much
easer to share and endorse products with them to make
commissions in the future... this is key to building a profit
producing list.

2. Make commissions when they upgrade... now a days
there are more and more free and paid traffic exchanges
that offer commissions to you when one of your first
level downline members upgrade to a Pro member in
that program.

This is how I personally make extra money each month
and is another huge benefit to growing large downlines
and teaching them how to do the same.

Now in 'part one' of this article I said I would share with
you what traffic exchanges I make the most commissions
from. Hands down it's the paid exchanges I make the
most money from, but I also make some from the free

Let's start with the free exchanges first...

1. So far this year I have made over $2,270 dollar from This program offers a wholesale
membership that pays out directly to the member
when someone buys into it. Another important point
is that I only have 352 first level downline members
and it costs me $10 a month to have the opportunity
to make money in this program.

Next is where I have made close to $350
dollars this year thus far. HitSafari pays out when
someone buys traffic or upgrades at 10 and 20%
commission to the free and Pro members. I am a
Pro member and I pay $5 a month for it. I also have
339 first level referrals. is another one that has a great
commission plan in place for its members. It pays
out 50% commissions to it's top level pro members
and that costs me $10 a month. I have made close to
$220 so far this year and I have 430 first level downline
members. I've also made ($430.08) to date with this

Then there's ClickinFingers, DeepSeaHits, ProHitsPlus
and TrafficTribe where I've made over $400 this year in
combined commissions.

All of these free exchanges are just a few of the many
exchanges that now offer commissions to their members.
Just make sure to take a close look at the exchanges you
join and see if they offer commissions.

As far as the paid exchanges go... the numbers are much
higher mainly because they not only offer a front end
commission, but also offer ongoing residual commissions
for upgraded members and many more people upgrade
in these types of programs.

So far this year I've a made a little over $3,300 combined
commissions in GoneClicking, PowaSurf (before I
owned it), RoyalSurf, ProClickEsate, CashinPro, TEB,
and MoreActualVisitors. Keep in mind, I'm not including
the one's I own... which are ClickMaster Pro,
ProClickExchange, and ProTrafficShop.

Naturally, you make a lot more commissions from the
paid exchanges and this is where a lot of your focus
ought to be when working towards making serious
money from the exchanges online.

Okay some other points to keep in mind. Once you have
built a list of downline you can send out emails to, you
can promote other products and services related to their
needs and make more commissions and profits each
month. This is another area I personally profit from in
the thousands every year.

There are other programs like WebmasterQuest and
CashClicking that are harder to make commissions from,
but are the best for producing results while advertising
through. They also have other benefits that most people
won't tell you how to use like their "email your first level
downline" feature. I've personally made many sales and
grown my lists sending emails through this system. Of
course you must build your downline in these programs

Now let's discus some tools out there that are absolutely
necessary to take you from A-Z in the shortest amount
of time...

1. You need an autoresponder where you can upload
emails to and have them sent out to your list on specific
intervals. This is part of the relationship building process
and is critical to keeping yourself organized and automated.

2. A PayPal and/or StormPay account. This is where you
will receive commissions to and where you can withdraw
those to your bank account, or get a debt card to use at
the ATM's in your area.

3. You need a professional edge. This can be best
accomplished by getting your own domain name and
email address. It's much more professional if someone
receives an email from then Without it you will have
a harder time building those key relationships. Bottom
line... you need that professional presence online.

That's it... those are the three main tools you need... there
are quite a few more that will help like Rotators, Trackers,
Splash Page Creators, Milti-Tabbed Browsers, and so on...
but those first three are the most critical.

Now let me leave you with this... Once you have built up
thousands of downline and list members, you will have
many more doors opened to you and your business.
Once you have a list.. the sky's the limit.

You could then learn things like...

* How to create 7-15 page reports that can make you
quick money from your existing lists.

* How to turn your subscribers into "Marketing Partners".

* How to get a flood of profit with one "Super Partner" you
find from your list.

* Setting up JVs with your downline

And so on...

Remember... this all starts and continues by first setting up,
and then managing your exchange accounts while you surf
them every day. Just set up a game plan and stick to it until
you succeed.

                                 * * * * * * * * * *

You can use this article in your ezine or on your website as long
as the author resource box below is included.


Dan Moses is a 28-year old family man living in Redmond,
Oregon who came online over six years ago, and like most
of us, planned to set out on a journey of finding his riches
on the Internet. Of course, he quickly realized it wasn't as
easy as most would have you believe. But that didn't stop
Dan... Throughout his journeys he has become quite the
entrepreneur by owning and operating close to 10 sites
online, the most popular being... Recommended Links:,,

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