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How To Effectively Communicate Through Email
Copyright 2002 - by Dan Moses

First and foremost you need to get the basics down.

Never ever SPAM! Of course this is the number one rule you
should never break. You could lose everything.

Secondly, each line of your email message should never exceed
65 characters. Every email program is set up differently. If you
go beyond 65 characters, your line could break in places you
didn't intend.

In other words, someone who receives an email could see this...

This is a dead giveaway that you don't
know what you are doing. This is a dead giveaway that you
know what you are doing.
This is a
dead give away that you don't know what you are doing.

Try to keep your paragraphs to 6 lines or less. This makes it
easier to read which in turn means that more people will actually
read your emails. And what's the point if they don't read them?

Try not to use too many CAPS. On the Internet this is considered
SHOUTING. You also don't want to use too many !!!!! This will
give the impression that you're very new to the Internet and looks
very unprofessional.

Professionalism is very important when drafting an email. An
email, in most cases, is the first impression someone will receive
of who you are and what you represent.

As a personal rule... make sure you write any email as professional
as possible. How do you do that? You can start by following the
basic rules above.

For example, always carefully proof read your email messages
before you send them after all, your don't want to send
something out with a lot of spelling errors.

A good practice is to send a message to yourself. That way you
can see exactly how it will look when someone receives it.

How you end your email can also have a strong impact.

Which do you think is more professional?

Best wishes,
Dan Moses


With my best wishes,

Dan Moses
Phone: (541)548-2619 Fax: (501)421-9405

This is very important. At least for the first few emails. Once
you have exchanged emails with an individual, you can then
lower your level of formality just a little.

When I first started out on the Internet I would end every
message with my most professional ending possible... every
time, even with the same person. It wasn't long before someone
pointed out that I was coming across rigid and somewhat stiff.
I spent some time thinking about this and came up with a very
simple system.

What I do is always send the first message from a highly
professional prospective. Then, the second one is a little
more watered down...

With my best wishes,

Dan Moses

Then on my third response to the same person, I usually
drop all the formality and end it like this...

Best wishes,


Tip: Always save your outgoing messages.

When you start getting very busy and you need to answer
a lot of email messages chances are you will find yourself
answering similar questions time and time again.

What you should do is go back to your sent files and find
similar responses to those questions. You then "slice and
dice" your earlier responses into your new email message.
Change a few sentences around, fill in the gaps, and *presto*
you have a new message you can send immediately.

Why spend another 20 minuets writing the same email when
you can apply this technique and send it in 5? Personally, I
find that locating the similar emails takes up most of the time.

On the Internet you would call this a canned response. But
most canned responses are very impersonal. I like to add
my own personality in all my writings whether it's a simple
email or an entire article.

Personality... everyone has one, but not everyone uses theirs.

If you are going to become a great email communicator,
you're going to have to learn how to inject your personality
into everything you write. The way to do that is to simply be

For me, I have found that it helps to include a couple of :o)
faces here and there. You could even throw in a couple of
jokes where appropriate. That's really the key... if you feel
it would fit in, then by all means add it.

Tip: Always respond quickly to your emails.

I try to respond within six to twelve hours after receiving an
email message. Of course, if I'm sleeping that won't happen. :o)
But you can bet, as soon as I wake up and check my email, I
reply as quickly as possible.

I have even put a yellow sticky note on my desk that reads...

"I apologize for not getting back to you... (fill in the blank)"

This is my reminder to get back to my contacts. But I really
hate using it because I feel like I'm just making excuses.

Tip: Start now and create swipe files.

What you do is set up a few Notepad documents like cool
snidbits... killer ad copy... awesome quotes.

Every good copywriter has a swipe file to pull quality
information from. When it comes time to write something,
all you have to do is go to your swipe files and get some
great ideas. You don't copy it word for word, but you can
slice and dice the ad copy and put it in your own words.

It seems that every day I read my email I find something I
like and copy and paste it into one of my swipe files.

Tip: Always go the extra mile.

Even if someone asks a quick question, take the time to
respond with a detailed answer. When you invest quality
effort in communicating with others, you'll build trust and
solid business relationships that can become very profitable
in the long run!

Well, there you have it. Follow these basic rules and tips and
you will be well on your way to effectively communicating
through email.

                                 * * * * * * * * * *

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