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Dan's Mods for LFMTE(VM) & LJ

Jackpot Mod (LFMTE/VM & LJ) - $200.00 Only $150.00
This mod has been one of the best mods I've gotten built. It's a Weekly Jackpot you set the amounts where the top 25 (can be 1-100) members split it and win cash, credits and banner text impressions each week.

It allows members to earn points by doing activities like reading emails/surfing, tweeting daily/weekly, referring new members, logging in each day/week.. giving credits to downline, reading admin emails, clicking on banner/text ads, purchasing credits, upgrading, (Prize Pages LFMTEs) ect.

It give Your Program a Huge Boost in Activity as members work hard to beat each other each week and be in the top... it sends emails on sunday at midnight to the winers each week and then starts over.

Jackpot Stats     Point Settings    % of Pot Awarded    Jackpot Prizes   

PTC/Timed Ads Mod (LFMTE/VM & LJ) - $150.00 Only $130.00
This mod has started to take off and owners are loving it. It's a PTC Advertising System that can work on any program. It's pretty much it's own identity you add to your program. Members purchase PTC advertising from your buy credits page and have total control over how long they want their ads to be viewed. The longer the timer the more the other members earn for viewing their ads and less credits they get for that particular ad. Members will get use to the fact you offer PTC advertising and login more often to view ads while they surf or send emails. You have total control of what you want to offer.. I'll set you up with some PTC packages and you can take it from there.

It also offers credits, banner text bonuses instead of cash if you'd like to offer that instead. The skys the limit and this new mod gives you another revenue source to what you already have in place. Members can also use their commissions to purchase theses ads as well as your current payment processor options.

It will give Your Program a activity Boost and the ability to increase revenue outside of your programs current options as well as allow your members to earn cash for viewing ads. Win Win!

PTC Sites Admin     PTC Sales Packages Admin    PTC Configuration Admin    Members Viewing Ads    PTC Ads and Management    PTC Ads to Purchase   

Rent A Downline (LFMTE/VM & LJ) - $125.00 Only $90.00
This mod is something brand new to the TE and Mailer community. It allows members to Rent Referrals that can work on any program. Us owners are always working hard to get more members into our programs and most of us have quite the list of persoal referrals that we can now rent out to other members of our program. Members rent referrals from your buy credits page and have total control over how long or how many they want to rent.

There are many reasons why members would want to rent referrals. 1st the posiblity that they might upgrade or purchase advetising and they would earn a commission. 2nd residaul traffic.. most of us have a % set for each account level members earn from their referrals when they surf or read emails. 3rd communicating with their downline. Which can help get them to upgrade or purchase advertising. Pretty much every marketer in the programs they love are working hard to build their downlines.. why not give them the opportunity to rent them? They are already spendind time or money to get them.. this just makes it easier for them to have them now! :o)

I realize everyone has a different idea of a quiality referral so I made sure the settings were up to the owner. You can set up how active a members is based on the last time they logged into your program. And you can edit the setting on how many emails read or pages surfed to make each referral you rent out be more qualified.

Of course you can also set the price and packges up however you'd like as well. This mod gives you the the ability to increase revenue outside of your programs current options as well as allow your members the posibitly to earn more commmissions, residual traffic and hopfully get more to upgrade before renting. Win Win!

Downline Rentals Admin     Sales Package Admin    Rental Settings Admin    Members Viewing Pkgs   

Surf Booster (LJ Only) - $75.00 Only $50.00
The surf booster mod has been very popular and triples the members current surf rate. They can buy an hour or two hours for x amount of $.

For my TEs I do $1.50 for one hour and $2 for 2 hours. You can change the rates if you wish and have control of time, amount of rate and price. The graphics are on the surf bar so they can see it and be reminded they can purchase it at any time just by clicking it. It also allows members to use their commissions to purchase the surf booster.

And it has a very cool feature where you can give your members any amount of time or rate you'd like by entering their user ID.. could be a great prize to give out or win.. or just saying Thanks for being a great member.

Surf Booster Settings     Buy Credits Page    Surf Bar Image   

Trophy Hunt (LFMTE & LJ) - $75.00 Only $40.00 If you provide Images ($50.00 if I do)
The Trophy Hunt mod is fully customizable and works great to modivate your members to keep surfing. It's also a great way to offer Surf4Cash on your TE.

You can add as many Images as you'd like, provide whatever bonuses you'd like and set the amout of pages they have to surf to get a trophy. It also carries over day to day... so if you want them to surf 1000 pages before they get the prize you could set it to show every 100 pages and add 10 Trophies. The skys the limit on how you'd like to use this to modivate your members.

Admin Settings   Members Page   Trophy Found Surfing   Claimed Trophy  

Surf Captcha (Security Mod for LFMTE & LJ) - $40.00 Only $25.00
The surf captcha mod has been in dyer need within the TE Industry. It stops cheaters using surf software in their tracks.

This cool mod is fast and doesn't disrupt surfing, but at the same time allows us to know the surfers are real people by asking them to drag and drop an image into the circle and click the Submit button before they can continue to surf. It's fast and they only need their mouse to do it. You can also reward them with credits, banner and or text impressions each time as well (LJ only has ability to award with Credits). If they get x wrong their account will be suspended.

You have full control over how often you display it, how many they can get wrong before getting suspended and if you'd like to give them credits, banner or text impressions each time they see it (LJ just awards credits).

Admin Settings     Surf Captcha Page    After answering correctly    Verifys,Approves,Denies   

LJ TE Script

Admin Settings     Surf Captcha Page    Verifys,Approves,Denies   

Social Mod (LFMTE/VM & LJ) - $65.00 Only $40.00
The Social Mod is great for your members being able to Brand themselves and giving your program a real human feel to it. We all know how popular Facebook, Twitter and now Gravatars are within our online marketing.. why not give your members a better chance to make the sale by adding a social aspect to their advertising.

This mod comes with the ability for your members to save their facebook username, twitter username and ties their gravatar email address they joined your program with into the Surf bar of your TE or Mailer. Members can also hover over their picture (gravatar) and their first and last name pops up letting them know who's site they are viewing.

Picture(Gravatar),Facebook,Twitter Icons     Members Profile Page   

Unverified Members Mod (LFMTE/VM) - $30.00 Only $15.00
The Unverified Members Mod is great when you want to re-send their activation link or re-send to all your unverified members at one time.

When I started working with the LFM scripts I realized that they just had a setting that would re-send it on days... like 1 day after they joined or 2 ect.. this was no good as some members were having email issues and asked if I could re-send it now or give them the URL. Well we solved all those issues.. now you can re-send it to their email or just copy and paste it into skype or however you might be talking with them. You can also mass send them each day if you'd like.

This mod gives you the control over your unverified members and allows you to keep some you might have missed in the vast abyss of email boxes these days. :o)

Admin Page     Members Admin Tab   

Surf4Cash Mod (LFMTE/VM) - $60.00 Only $35.00
The Surf4Cash Mod allows you to offer your members cash for viewing x amount of emails or surfing x amount of pages.

You have totally control over the cash amount you want to offer for each account level as well as the amount of pages they have to surf to earn it.. or emails they have to read. This can be a great incentive to make your program much more active.

For example you could set up a TE so free members earn $0.01 for every 100 pages they surf, or $0.001 for 10 pages they surf. Then offer $0.05 for every 100 pages your upgraded members surf (thus creating a BIG incentive for members to upgrade)! In the same way you could set up a mailer to pay out $0.05 for every 25 emails read. All up to you on how you make this sweet mod increase your over all activity on your program. :o)

Admin Page     Edit Setting    Members Commission   

Daily Max Views Mod (LFMTE) - $40.00 Only $20.00
This Mod allows you to put a cap on how many pages a members can surf your TE each day. This mod goes great with the Surf4Cash mod so you don't have to worry about members over surfing each day just to earn cash. It allows you to set a different cap amount for each account level.

For example you could set up a TE so free members can only surf 1000 pages a day and Upgraded members can surf 2000. This can motivate members to upgrade as well if they really love your TE!

Admin Page     Edit Admin Setting    Members Surf Bar   

Cash Out Mod (LFMTE/VM) - $50.00 Only $30.00
This Mod allows your members to Request Commissions when they are ready to be paid and reached the amount owed you set for free and upgraded members. This is a great tool that saves you time and money. It also only allows members to request one time and shows them when they last requested as well as how much you've paid them over time.

For example you could set a cap so free members can only request when they've reached $20 owed and upgraded members $10 owed. This motivates members to earn more so they can request. As well as answer the most asked question in regards to commissions... "How much do I have to earn before I get paid commissions?" Of course knowing they can request sooner if they're upgraded can motivate members to upgrade as well if they really love your program!

What else is cool this mod comes with Macros that allows you put the request box anywhere you'd like as well as a Macro of what they have been paid from the program. And one of the best features I love since I do so many books for my clients it has the ability to show a total of how much you paid out for any date you set (the month you want to calculate total amount of commissions you paid).

Admin Page     Members Request Section    Admin Date System   

Unread Emails Mod (LFMVM) - $60.00 Only $40.00
This Mod allows your members to Read Emails In Thier Account and not have to find them in their inbox which can easily get lost or end up in the spam folder. This is a great tool that saves your members time and personally this is how I love to read emails. This mod shows them a page full of subject lines they can click on and go right tot he surf bar to earn their credits.

It also shows them page numbers where they can click around if they don't like the subject lines on the page they are viewing. It shows them oldest to newest and with the page options they can see what's new or not miss out on older emails at the same time.

Unread Emails Page In Members Area    

Required Clicks Mod (LFMVM) - $40.00 Only $20.00
This Mod increases your CTRs by not allowing your members to Send An Email Untill They Read X amount of emails... and goes hand in hand with the Unread Emails Mod. You have full control over your setting for each account level. You can set it so only free members have to click and upgraded don't if you wanted to as well. This is a great feature that will increase your Click Through Rates and for those members who really can't stand it.. you also have a feature to turn it off for any members on a case per case basis.

It also links directly to the Unread Emails page (if you have that mod) so that they can read x emails quickly before going back to send their email for the day.

Admin Settings     Members Section    By Pass Views   

PayPal Email Mod (LFMVM) - $25.00 Only $20.00
This Mod allows you to Send Admin emails to your members PayPal email address or New Newsletter Email. There's one thing I've been noticing when I send Admin emails to my mailers. Not many members are seeing them. This is due to the fact that Admin emails go to the same email as list emails. Since members get 50-100 of these emails every day not many members are seeing them. Then if your member is also a member of 10+ mailers that's 1,000's of emails they have to sift through just to see your Admin email.

Well for me this was a big problem. I want my members to see my Admin emails and the thought came to me why not make some changes so they receive it at their PayPal email address or a Newsletter Email address. EVERYONE checks their PayPal email. :o)

This mod also has a bonus feature if you'd like it added at no cost... It has the ablity to email members who have also clicked the unsubscribe link (which is LFMVM's Vacation mode). So if you want ALL your members to receive and most to Read your ADMIN emails it can be done with this mod. :o)

So this is how it works... First email it looks for is a Newsletter Email address found on their Profile page. If they don't have one saved their it next goes to their PayPal email address. If they don't have that saved in the system it goes to their List email. So in other words, if anyone would happen to complain they don't want to get emails at their PayPal email address you can let them know they can save another email for Admin Emails in their profile. You can also have this spot be added to your sign up form as well, but keep in mind there is no verification process to this email when they add it.
Stripe Mod (LFMTE/VM) - $200.00 Only $140.00 Plus $69.99 Only $10.00 a year for your SSL Certificate
This Mod allows you to Receive $ from your members that directly deposits into your Bank Account. It's like having your own Merchant account that you can choose how often you'd like your funds to be deposited. You can visit and see for yourself the quality service they provide their customers. There are some requirements one of which is having a US Bank Account. And the 2nd would be a SSL (https://) Certificate. Godaddy charges $69.99, but I have worked out a deal where I can get them for Only $10 a year. Even though you won't ever store members Credit Card information on your server they still require a SSL for secure transactions.

A very cool feature for our customers is the Remember Me feature. This feature allows a customer to save their Cell Phone # when they make a purchase and from that point on, any future purchases they'll get a text PIN that they can add in the payment form for quick easy future purchases. Click here to see how this works. If you're in need of another payment processor that's tied into the IPN system on your LFM site then this is a great option.

Stripe Charges 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction for volume less than $1,000,000.

What members see     When they click the button    Admin IPN page    Transaction page    Remeber Me   

I am willing to give discounts for more than one mod or based on your situation.. Please Contact Me so we can make any arrangements you might need. Skype is the quickest way to reach me... Chat to my Skype
As I create new mods I plan to add them here.. so feel free to check back often. :o)

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