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Banner Marketing - EXPLAINED
Copyright © - Dan Moses

"This tutorial was written to help you take advantage
of using the low costs of banner advertising online."

A few years ago banners were an excellent marketing tool! They produced millions of dollars in sales for large corporations and small businesses alike.

Now a days the effectiveness of banners has dropped drastically. They use to get banner "click thru" rates as high as 5-10% and now you'll be extremely lucky if you can get them as high as 1%. Currently the average is a dismal 0.3%. That means it takes one thousand banner impressions (banners displayed) to receive a few visitors to your website.

How sad is that?

Now the good news is that we've found a place on the Internet where we've received as high as a 4% click thru ratio. Of course, the average is about 1.5%, but that sure beats that dismal 0.3%.

We have been receiving an average of 15 visitors per 1,000 impressions. And the even better news is that we can get those 15 visitors for an average of only $0.20. Yes! That is a very small price to pay for targeted visitors!

Let's put this into more perspective... Let's say you've tested your website and know that it takes 100 visitors to generate a lead for your business (A lead would be considered someone that has requested information about your business, but hasn't joined yet). Then let's say you're converting 30% of your leads into new customers.

And most importantly let's say your average customer value is worth $400 dollars. (Customer value = the life time value of a customer. In other words, it's what you make from your average customer for the life time of your business transactions with that customer)

Okay, so let's now figure out what kind of profit we can come up with using my example numbers. Since we know we want to make a good profit this year with our business we decide to start out by purchasing a few hundred thousand banner impressions throughout these traffic networks.

Let's say we start out slow by spending $100 dollars on banner advertising. Since we can buy 1000 banner impressions for $0.20 that means we can get 100,000 impressions for $20 dollars... Or half a million (500,000) impressions for a $100.

Remember: This is only an example and our numbers might not ever match in a real working Banner Campaign.

Okay, now since we know we have 500,000 impressions and we average 1.5% click thru ratio, that's 7,500 targeted visitors for only $100 bucks. (I say targeted visitors because these visitors have clicked on your banners) So far so good. :o)

Now do you remember how many leads we're generating from 100 visitors to our website? We were converting 1% and that would mean that it only cost us $100 dollars for 750 leads. Now the really good news is... that we're currently converting 30% of our leads into new customers. That's 225 brand new customers!

Wow! That would mean that if our average customer value is $400 dollars, we just spent $100 dollars on banner impressions and made $90,000 over the life time of the customer. Now that's a pretty cool scenario, but how often do customer values get as high as $400 dollars?

Well, that really depends on your products and services and your willingness to build life long customers. :o)

Think about this... even if the life of your customer was only valued at $20 you still would've made $4,500 minus (the $100 spent on the banners) = $4,400 dollars.

My point is that using banners to advertise is still a very effective way to make a lot of money every year online... especially when promoting quality business opportunities!

So, now that we've covered the value of using banners let's jump right into how and where to use banners. First off, what exactly are banners and how do you use a banner?

What is a banner?

A banner is simply a picture (better known online as a 'graphic or image') that advertises your website. When someone sees your banner and clicks on it, they are taken to your web page. The average banner is created in 468 pixels in length and 60 pixels in height (pixels are very small parts of a graphic file). This is the size of most banners online. Banners are usually saved as "GIF" or "JPEG" files.

On most traffic exchanges the banners are displayed in the surf bar and throughout the members area. While members are surfing and maintaining their accounts, they most likely will see your banner and if it's something that interests them, they will click on it to see what you're offering.

Since the old days of when banners were widely used by everyone, people now a days hardly ever touch one. Unfortunately for most people, they don't realize how well they still work. But we do! :o)

Okay, time for a sample banner...

Sample Banner

This is our most effective FCTC banner and even after years of testing this banner still gets a great "click thru" ratio (I've seen it get as high as 2.5% on some traffic exchanges). That means you're going to want to make sure you use it if you're promoting FCTC.

Okay, now it's time for us to walk you through how you can add your banner to a traffic exchange program. In this example we're going to use TrafficRoundup.

Please Note: TrafficRoundup has proven to be one of the most effective traffic exchanges online. It's also a free traffic exchange and is owned by one of the top marketers in the traffic exchange industry (Stephen Ayer). If you haven't joined TrafficRoundup yet, we highly suggest you do. Click Here to join for free.

This is a screen shot of part of the TrafficRoundup "Banner Manager"

In this case if you were a FCTC member and wanted to use a FCTC banner, you would add your FCTC website URL: Which would be...

Your FCTC Affiliate link:
(use this URL to advertise FreeClickThruClub and build traffic)

After adding your FCTC website: into the "Site URL" spot, you'll want to add the banner of your choice into the "Ad URL" then click on the "Add" button.

According to the TrafficRoundup example above, after you've added your "Site and Ad URL" you will want to click on the "Add" button.

After you've clicked the button, you will have to wait until Stephen approves your banner before it will be rotated. If you would like to add more then one banner, just follow the same steps over and over until you've added as many banners as you would like to use.

Well Done!

Okay, so far you've learned how to add your banners to TrafficRoundup. Now you need to make sure that your banners gets shown and you do that by Assigning credits to them.

Wait: What are credits? If you don't understand what credits are then you need to make sure and read the "No-Hype Click Thru Marketing System" on the "ClickThru Tutorial" page on your main menu. That tutorial will explain what these traffic exchange programs are and how to use them for generating traffic to your PageSwirl rotator links.

Assigning Credits To Get Banner Exposures

In order for your banners to show on TrafficRoundup, you will have to "assign" credits - convert credits into banner impressions. In this example you would need to have credits available in your TrafficRoundup account. If you don't have any available, you would need to either buy some extra credits, or spend time surfing to earn them.

Note: This is the way 95% of all click thru programs are set up. You either surf to earn credits, or buy them (there also is a way to generate residual traffic by building downlines in the top traffic exchanges as well).

Currently TrafficRoundup has a credits to banner ratio of: 1:50 (1 credit is worth 50 banner exposures). So if you can convert 1 credit for 50 impressions and you can get 400 credits for $5 dollars, that would mean you can get 20,000 banner impressions for $5 dollars on TrafficRoundup. That's a great price for banners!

Speaking of great prices on banners... a few of the best that come to mind are CashClicking, TrafficRoundup, HitSafari, WebmasterQuest, ClicksMatrix, MysticalMaze, and StartXchange.

All of these Traffic Exchanges are great for advertising banners. And all of them allow you to trade credits for banner impressions.

Let's get back to converting credits into banner exposures on TrafficRoundup. First you have to click on the "EXCHANGE CREDITS FOR BANNER IMPRESSIONS" link in your TrafficRoundup members area.

Then you will be redirected to this page...

As you can see in the example above... I chose 300 credits to exchange. All I would need to do now is click on the "Exchange" button. After I exchange 300 credits for banner impressions I would have 15,000 impressions to apply to my banners.

Now I can go back to my "Banner Manager" and click on the "Assign" () link for the banner in which I wanted to apply impressions to.

That's when I would be redirected to this page...

Now I decide to add 1000 impressions (banner credits) to my PageSwirl banner. As soon as I click on the "Assign" button I'm all done. It's just about as easy as turning on a computer! :o)

The Best Deals Around -- For Banner Advertising

Okay, I better tell you where you can find banner impressions for as low as 1000 banner impressions for $0.20. The program is called CashClicking and they have amazingly low prices for purchasing credits. You see, CashClicking is an open-market traffic exchange, and they allow their members to buy and sell credits from each other.

This means you can find some great credit deals on this exchange! Yes, deals as low as 66 credits for $0.20 which equals the 1000 banner impressions for $0.20. CashClicking has an average banner to credit ratio of 1:15, but has been known to go as high as 1:30.

Please Note: CashClicking and WebmasterQuest generate the highest "click thru" rates we've ever found in the entire traffic exchange community.

It's very simple to advertise with banners in these exchanges. Just make sure to always look for the deals out there and try your best to stay on your game.

In other words, these exchanges can change their banner to credit ratio at any time and they also don't always let you know about it. So, it's going to be your job to check things out and find the deals when they have them... especially with CashClicking, because they always seem to have some great traffic deals available.

Something else you should know -- always make sure and advertise all your related banners together for the first initial start of your banner advertising campaign.

In other words, the best way to start out is to add impressions to all your banners the first time you use any of them in a specific place or on a specific program. Then after a few days you can check your results and you'll soon see which banners seem to be generating the most "click thrus" (again this is how many people have clicked on your banner).

As soon as you know the top two or three banners (for each program you plan to advertise) that get the most "click thrus", you'll then know which ones to start applying all the credits to. Naturally, you'll only want to use the most effective banners on that specific program.

Keep in mind, that every banner is created to be different. This means that until you test a banner you'll have now idea how well it will work.

Just when you think a specific banner will generate the highest "click thru" rate you've ever seen, you're going to find out you're wrong. The fact is... you'll never know until you test them.

Testing Your Banners

Lucky for us each of these traffic exchange programs come with built in tracking systems. That means that they'll keep track of all your "Click Thru" rates for you. For example, here's a screen shot of one of my clients banners campaigns on WebmasterQuest.

As you can see, they're using two banners for this campaign. You can also see that the new banner "Moneywayz Banner 11 Color" is getting an impressive 2.691 "Click Thru" rate. That's fantastic! Also from the example above you can see that out of the 172,046 impressions that they received 2,495 clicks (that's how many visitors they've received). That's a great "Click Thru" rate as well!

A few other things worth mentioning is the "Reset" link on the far right. This can be used when you have a new banner campaign to test out. Even though we would always like to get the high "Click Thru" rates, time usually lowers the effectiveness of a new banner.

In other words, sometimes you might see as high as 4% or 5% "Click Thru" rate when first launching a new banner, then after a few weeks you might see it drop to 1% - 2%. This is because a lot of the current members that first clicked on your banner have already seen it and already know what it is. Then after a few months you might want to test it again and to do that you would need to "reset" the campaign.

There's one important thing to always remember -- you must stay on top of things. You need to make sure and keep your banners in the eyes of the members of these click thru programs as often as possible! Get in a habit every day to check out your current campaigns and make sure they're active, up to date, and completely stocked with impressions. :o)

Well, it's time to conclude this tutorial. We hope you enjoyed it!

We pretty much never stop testing things... so we'll make sure to keep you up to date on the 'latest and greatest' programs and techniques that will help you promote FreeClickThruClub and your other online opportunities.

Now's it's time to get to work and get all those banners in place and loaded up on impressions... let's get STARTED!

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