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Submitting Your Own Articles in Ezines
Placing Classified Ads

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What's An Ezine?

Ezine stands for "Electronic Magazine".

These days, most webmasters & website advertisers have a newsletter or ezine.

How does it work?

Your website asks the visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. When they fill in and submit their email address, they are said to be opting-in. The process of sending an ezine or newsletter to people who have specifically requested to receive it is called opt-in email marketing. Itís a powerful, long-term relationship-and-sales-builder.

Newsletters will be in three different forms... email ezines, web based newsletters or even off-line hard copy newsletters. They also help you stay in touch with your subscribers and customers.

You can use a newsletter to further establish excellent credibility of your business and/or expertise on a particular subject.

Ezines will also help you expand/gain relationships with your subscribers, promote products and services for yourself and help you get involved in joint ventures with other website advertisers!

Another reason for having a newsletter is you can charge for advertising space, through the placement of tiny classified ads. Since most online newsletter/ezines are free to subscribe to... You will want to charge for advertising space to help you pay for and justify your time being spent each week or month in pumping out a newsletter issue.

Ezine Advertising is a very profitable form of advertising, if done right.

First you have to decide what your target market is. Who are you advertising to? There are literally thousands of ezines to choose from.


There are two different ways you can benefit from this.

You can ether advertise in an ezine, or you can use your own ezine to advertise to your customer/members.

Letís discuss the difference between...

Submitting Articles Vs. Classified Ads

There are two ways you can get traffic to your web site. You can get free publicity by submitting articles or you can place classified ads in the newsletters.

1. Why Submit Articles?

Submitting articles for ezines is a lot more profitable than to pay for an ad, but not because itís cheaper. You see, once you consider the time it takes to write a good article, itís actually more expensive.

Unless you have absolutely nothing to do and your business is on total automatic pilot, you will not have enough time (or energy) to write out a new, fresh article every week for your newsletter. Your time would be better spent promoting and advertising your business in other ways.

Most newsletters go out once a week (or biweekly) and after a while the initial creative ideas ezine publishers can come up with will stop flowing. This is where you come in. By submitting articles you become a great asset to newsletter editors. In other words, you are taking advantage of the fact that most editors will be needing (and almost begging) for good articles to use in their ezine.

This is a great opportunity for you, because an article gives you far more credibility than any classified ads you ever could place. It will take a little bit more work, but it's free and the results will always be better than an ad.

You will want to write articles that contain information that will be of interest to your target market and then offer them to different ezines and websites free of charge. Webmasters and editors will appreciate the free, quality content, and you'll get the benefit of having your name and URL in front of your target market.

Good content creates more than credibility...

It creates trust.

Articles generate targeted, pre-qualified, motivated visitors.

2. Placing classified ads

The price of an ad in an ezine is very inexpensive and easily traceable, which makes it a great way to advertise. If you compared it to banner advertising there would be "zero risk". It is something you ought to try. But, you have to find your target market first.

People that receive these newsletters do so because they are interested in the information. For example, if somebody is interested in hunting, he will subscribe to a newsletter about hunting.

If you happen to sell something related to hunting, people who are already interested in your subject will see your ad. Makes sense that a high percentage will respond to your ads and buy your products - Right?

Now, here are the advantages...

Placing ads are cheap - you can easily afford repeated ads, while changing the text and headlines.

You can chose you targeted audience - targeted customers will be interested and produce good response rates.

You can negotiate - newsletter editors will sometimes negotiate price if they have unsold ad space.

Life long advertisements - many ezines save their articles in archives, so your advertisements might get some ongoing exposure (keep in mind your article always will).

Forwarding articles - some subscribers will forward the ezine to their friends.

How do I start?

First you will want to find ezines with the right audiences that match your product/service. Once you find a few that you like you will want to subscribe to them and start the analyzing process. Is there a lot of solid, original content, or is it largely regurgitated stuff that has been seen in different places? Are there tons of ads? If there are, try to avoid these because most of the readers wonít even scan them.

What kinds of ads are being placed?

If you see the same ads over and over that means they probably are having a good response, and/or making some money. Think about where they are placing their ads. In the middle, before the article, or at the end.

Trust your gut feeling... does it feel right to advertise here?

Do they give you the option of sponsorship, or can you only place classified ads? If they do offer sponsorships you might want to use them. They normally are worth the extra cost. You will get high credibility and the visibility does pay off.

You will want to know the size of the readership and the cost (usually they will use CPM (cost per thousand). CPMs will range from $5 to $75, depending on the supply and demand and how targeted their subscribers are.

To help you find out what the readership consists of, ask the publisher to describe it without telling him/her what you are looking for.

Choose the ezines that offer the best price when compared to...

  • How it measures up to your target market

  • How well the ezine is put together - what kind of content-to-ad ratio does it have? Is the content original?

The few steps above are the keys to success in placing classified ads in ezines. You can expect great results if you can advertise to a targeted group, at a great price.

Here are some extra tips...

When you get a visitor to click to your website, you will want them to go to a special page so you can measure and track them. This will make it easy to know your results from the ad.

You can use a receiving page that will redirect your visitors to the desired page on your site. This will track your visitors and they will never see the page.

You can offer something for free to help get the click. An example would be to offer a subscription to your newsletter, which is a great way to build your email list.

So how do you know when youíre successful?

Thatís easy just measure the cost of visits to the income you receive from the sales generated by your efforts.

Are you making a profit?

So, whatís the bottom line... with Submitting Articles Vs. Classified Ads?

Both are excellent ways to advertise, but the true fact is...

Articles generate more targeted, pre-qualified, motivated traffic. Just think about it. People will always look forward to the feature article!

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