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The Proper Way To Develop Your Opt-in Mailing List
Copyright 2002 - by Dan Moses

What is the best way to make money on the Internet?


Send out an email... and bam instant cash. No really,
ask any online professional how they make their money
and somewhere in the conversation I would bet on it
that building your own opt-in mailing list would come

You see, if you have a list of valuable customers that
you can mail to over and over it's as good as having
money in the bank.

There are so many ways to make money with your list
like selling advertising space, doing Joint Ventures,
listing your affiliate programs, etc.

First of all, I need to make sure you understand what
an opt-in mailing list really is. Opt-in refers to the
fact that viewers wanted what you had to offer and chose
to join your mailing list. When they fill in and submit
their email address, they are said to be opting-in.

In other words, you did not just find and add their
email address without their permission. This would be
considered harvesting email addresses and borders on

So now that we know that building a list is so important,
just how do we intend to do it? There are quite a few
methods available to help you grow a valuable list. But
today we are only going to go over techniques involving
the click thru programs.

To tell you the truth, this is how I got started building
my lists. First you have to find out what people want.
You need a good incentive.

Some of the most popular incentives include ebooks. These
need to be of high value to your target market, something
that they would be interested in. You could also use special
reports that provide exclusive, detailed information, or
even special software programs that will assist them in
their efforts.

The bottom line is, the more valuable the product you are
going to trade, the larger the group of emails you will

In other words, if you can find a product with a very high
perceived value and you trade it for emails you will be
amazed at how fast your list will grow.

Okay, for an example I built a page that does this very
well. You can view it at:

Now what I do is advertise by utilizing the click thru

- First I put up a page that attracts attention.
- Second I made sure it loaded fast (very important).
- Third I gave an offer to opt-in to my list and added
valuable bonuses to trade for email addresses.

So what do you do if you don't have a website to use? In
this case, you can promote a program that not only notifies
you when you generate a new member, but also gives you
their email address. A perfect example would be this site.

Do you know that every time you sign up a new member
the FCTC notifies you, and when they do, you also receive
their name and email address. This is to allow you to
introduce yourself.

Now keep in mind I am definitely not suggesting you
immediately send out your business offers, but if you try
real hard to develop a relationship you might be able to turn
that member into your customer. Of course that all depends
on how you present yourself.

Okay. This is what I would suggest you do. When you
receive a notification by email that a new member has
joined under you, you should immediately welcome
them by sending them an email (a sample email has
been provided for you and is included in the notification
email sent out once you have acquired a new downline

In this email you should introduce yourself and offer to
provide assistance. This would be a good place to include
a signature file or a little blurb about your business or

Note: You can find details on how to create a signature
file by visiting...

Just make sure it is a very friendly and polite email. You
want to hold off on including your business opportunity
until you have acquired a relationship. And most
importantly *always* include a way for them to ask
to be removed.

I use this one and it has always worked great.

"To remove yourself from further mailings, please reply
with Remove in the subject line:"

The bottom line is you want to befriend them and help
each other out long before you try to sell them something.

That actually goes along with any list you build. If you
earn their trust and confidence you will make your list
*much* more valuable.

No matter how many new subscribers you may acquire,
the key to keeping them is building relationships with
them. This will become a major factor in your long term

Once you've developed trust with your subscribers, your
own personal recommendations will become solid gold.
Also, it's very important that you only recommend a
product or service that you have personally tested and
truly believe in.

                                 * * * * * * * * * *

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